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We are delighted to have GOLFPHIN FOR KIDS as sponsor for this year’s South of Scotland Open at Dumfries & County.

The SSGS was formed in 2007 by golfing enthusiasts Gordon MacDonald, Keith Howie and others, their objective was very simply to give “ older golfers” a platform to gather together, have a bit of banter and at same time provide friendly competition. GolPhin are privileged and proud to be a sponsor. Our Founder and Managing Director was one of many young golfers introduced to the game at West Kilbride GC with “elder statesman” Keith Howie providing mentorship and guidance in the junior ranks. 

Many stories could be recalled, some publishable some not. But one thing is for sure, the crop of golfers coming out of West Kilbride benefited greatly from Keith’s passion and fun filled enthusiasm for the great game.

Helping in our own little way by sponsoring the South of Scotland Open and The Generations Cup, dedicated to the memory of one of West Kilbride’s greatest is both an honour and a privilege. 

Check out our new look website - www.uk.golphin.com

Calum McPherson

Founder & Managing Director


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