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Published by SGU · 1 October 2022
Oct 2022:  Message from our main sponsors - McCrea Financial Services.

As one of Scotland’s foremost Independent Financial Advisers, we at McCrea know that careful retirement planning is one of the most rewarding contributions you can make to your quality of life.

For many of us, our home is the most valuable asset we own. Recent research has shown that homeowners are tapping into that value to transform their retirement – with some boosting their retirement savings by up to 181%.

Lifetime mortgages are the most popular form of equity release, where homeowners borrow against the value of their property. They allow homeowners aged 55 or over who own a property in the UK worth at least £70,000 to access the value tied up in their home while remaining able to live there with 100% ownership.

The average equity released through a lifetime mortgage is now £115,511. For those approaching retirement, or for those who have already retired, this sum can be the difference between a frugal and a more fulfilling retirement.

Other homeowners opt for lifetime mortgages in order to free up funds for family school and university fees, home improvements or private medical treatments, while others direct the funds towards pensions and investments.

Before deciding to go ahead with a lifetime mortgage, or any other form of equity release, it’s compulsory to obtain expert advice. As a fully independent firm, McCrea has a team of advisers ready to assess your personal financial circumstances.

We are not tied to any providers and pride ourselves on taking a holistic view of your finances to determine the best solution. We can work with you to make clear the impact equity release would have on any means tested benefits such as Pension Credits and set out what a lifetime mortgage means for your ability to leave a legacy for your family after you’ve gone.

We now spend around double the length of time in retirement as our grandparents were able to enjoy, and a lifetime mortgage may just be something that transforms your retirement for the better.  

Why not tee up a free, no-obligation chat with a member of our team to explore if a Lifetime Mortgage would be right for you? Call us on 0141 572 1340 or email

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